Remember by Eileen Cook (Book Review)

Title: Remember

Author: Eileen Cook

Release Date: February 24th, 2015

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Format: ARC

Source: Publisher

*Thank you Simon Pulse for an Advance Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review. *

An in-depth synopsis + My Thoughts:

In this novel you meet Harper, who adores horses and also does horseback riding, which leads Harper to also own a horse, whose name is Henry. In the first couple of chapters you get briefly introduced to the characters and slowly start getting attached to a few. Then, out of the blue, Harper loses someone very close to her (whom I prefer not to mention as I feel it would be better going in without knowing). Hence, she becomes devastated for her loss. She tried to get past the grief. However, just couldn’t.

Now for a brief back round story. Harper’s father is the head of a company called Neurotech. Recently, the company introduced a new procedure called, “Memtex”. “Memtex” is a drug used to reduce the amount of pain a person is feeling due to (a) specific memory/memories. ( it helps “soften” painful memories) By taking the drug, it can help one overcome the grief they have been experiencing, and to move on. The treatment had been promoted mainly towards teenagers, as Harper’s father states that they are the ones who seem to commonly deal with bad memories hence, want to forget.

Which leads to the next event, when Harper decides to get the Memtex procedure done, as no one, even her boyfriend, Josh (who is a huge science geek and wants to become like Harper’s dad), nor could her best friend, Win, help ease her pain. However, her dad refused to give her permission to receive the treatment (which made me raise my eyebrows and think “Huh? Why not?” I had my suspicions, but I let it go). So then  Harper decides to get the treatment done and over with, without permission from her parents, since she couldn’t handle the pain any more. Later on, she starts experiencing weird symptoms. Specifically, hallucinations that could possibly be memories of her past, in which she is unaware of.

From there on, Harper starts wondering and wanting to know, if those hallucinations could somehow be linked to her. She sets off on a path along with another character,, who gets introduced later in the novel, named Neil. He is a protester-along with many others-who is against Harper’s father’s company, and their idea of making “Memtex” legal.

Remember was a book that had easily pulled me out of my reading slump. It was entertaining and contained topics that interested me, such as memory loss. It was also mix of sci-fi and mystery, with a light coating of romance, which surely is my cup of coffee.

There are many things  in Remember that I love. However, the one thing I found to be admirable in this novel was friendship.

The relationship between Harper and her best friend Win, and the bond both Harper and her horse, Henry, share.

From the way Harper and Win acted with each other, you can really tell how much of a great friend they are to each other. I found their friendship to be realistic and very admirable.

Then there was Harper and Henry. As human and horse, they both share a special bond, one that is unbreakable. Despite Harper having him since she was young, having grown up together, their friendship is none other than different from how it would be with another human being.

Throughout the novel as the story started to unfold, I slowly became attached to characters and wanted to know what would happen next. Eileen Cook, author of Remember, could of gone with the typical story line, “girl has no memory of her past and tries to regain them” and just left it at that. Fortunately, she chose to take the opposite route, one that has a whole new twist. Overall, I say Remember is worth reading. The story line is nicely paced and laid out, and keeps you turning the pages. It will most definitely interest sci-fi genre lovers, as it had for me.


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