It’s A Whole New Year…

…which means it’s time to start on a brand new page.

Hello everyone and boi am I happy to say that I am officially back!

Yes, I am aware that I haven’t posted on my blog for quite some time now (actually for a really long time), and that is because for multiple reasons. However, the main reason I’m writing this post is not because I want share with you all a long list of excuses for my absence, but what it is I plan on doing on my blog as of now.

Over the course of months I haven’t updated my blog, I was going through a phase. A phase which included deep thinking and mixed emotions as to how I really feel about my blog overall. I asked myself questions such as: Am I really happy with what I am doing? Or Should I start posting more content based on other things I enjoy besides books? Thoughts such as these have occurred multiple times and have made me feel that blogging felt almost like a chore. Which the thought itself had made me feel terribly guilty afterwards. So, to clear my head, I thought the best idea was to take a break from blogging and continue with my everyday life. It wasn’t until around this month when things started to settle down. I’ve been able to wrap my head around as to what it is that I can do to make myself enjoy blogging and interacting with others, who share the same passion as I do, and not feel stressed about it.

So, here is the conclusion I finally came to.

I’ve decided to not make my blog strictly book related. *Gasps* I know, it’s a huge change for me as well however, I feel that the time has come for me to explore. Although majority of the content on this blog will remain to be focused on books, the rest will include snippets of “behind the scenes” of my life, such as things other than books that I am passionate about. *Whispers* Art, k-pop, and much more… 😉

Overall, I’ve learned that instead of restricting myself to do only things to a certain extent, I should be able to do anything that my heart desires.

I hope you will enjoy learning to know me better in the future so that we can connect and become closer than ever. 🙂

Until next time! ❤


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