2014 Reading Challenges

Ever since I started the book community, I’ve always wanted to participate in some of the book challenges that were hosted by many book bloggers.

Which is why I’ve decided to join a few this year, 2014, and am so PUMPED about it, and am hoping this year will be an Awesome-Sauce reading year!

This year, I will be participating in 5 reading challenges.


Hosted by: Coffee Bean Bookshelf

Finally, I can catch up to series I’ve been dying to start, but really, never got the chance to.

A perfect challenge to start/complete books/series and to finally share your thoughts to everyone else by fangirling and joining fandoms.

Hosted by: Read. Sleep. Repeat

After seeing this challenge, I knew it would be the perfect challenge to finish series I’ve been wanting to for a looong time.

This year, my goal is to accomplish 4-6 series, which is the Silver Badge.

I can finally finish series I’ve been dying to know the ending to ! Yay!

Hosted by: Bookmark To Blog

Ahhhh!!! This one I’m particularly excited for considering it’s like a scavenger hunt , and boy do I LOVE scavenger hunts! Which is why I’m really hyped up for this one, even though it may be tricky.

Hosted by: Jessie’s Book Place

Sometimes, I’ve found myself reading books that looked liked a big chunk of meat, in your burger.

My goal is to achieve level Paperclips, which is to read 15 books with less than 300 pages.

Sometimes, after a long tiring day, I feel like I need a quick read, which is why for a situation like this, the “Quick Fix Challenge” is the perfect challenge.

Hosted by: Goodreads

This year, my goal is to read a total of 50 books or more.

By participating in the other reading challenges, I am hoping to be able to accomplish my 2014 reading challenge of 50 books.

I really am excited to be able to participate in all of these Reading Challenges, and can’t wait to get started!


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