Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (Book Review)

  Title: Uglies (Uglies #1)

  Author: Scott Westerfeld

  Release Date: February 8, 2005

  Publisher: Simon Pulse

  Format: Paperback

  Source: Library


I went into reading this book with no idea how the story would be, but wow. Never had I read a book with a world so close to reality, yet so different.

Get ready to go on an adventure, as you step into a whole new world, to discover the ugly truths behind those pretty lies.

In this futuristic dystopia world, both genders from the age 15 and under are considered as an “Ugly”. Once they turn 16, they must go under an operation in order to become a “Pretty”.

While “Uglies” are always looking up to the “Pretties” , they also have some tricks up their sleeves, and are always plotting mischievous tricks for the elders. Whereas the extremely attractive “Pretties”, are always free and partying.

However, once you turn “Pretty” you’re not the same person you were before the plastic surgery. You have perfect big eyes, a small nose, fuller lips, high cheekbones and even flawless skin, with no signs of cuts or bruises visible, as well as a good figure, with abilities of speed and strength.

Tally Youngblood, a 15 year-old mischievous “Ugly”, soon to turn 16 in a few weeks, will finally turn “Pretty” like she always dreamed of.

Until one day, she meets a girl named Shay, who is unsure if she wants to turn pretty. A few days before they both go under operation, Shay tells Tally that she is running away to a place called “The Smoke”.

The Smoke is a place where those who haven’t undergone operation lived there whole lives as an “Ugly”.

When Shay runs away, the authorities, known as Specials, offer Tally the two most difficult options: to go to The Smoke, find her friend and turn her in, or to never turn Pretty, ever.

The choices Tally makes, changes her ways of seeing things, forever. She learns the truth behind those pretty faces, and what it really means to be a “Pretty”.

She learns that once you go under operation, it’s not just the way you look that changes, it’s also the way you think, who you are.

This book is full of friendship, betrayal, romance, survival, and hard decisions, that changes the world.

I really enjoyed the whole concept of this book, the twist and turns made, the relationship of friendships built by the characters, and the ugly truth slowly unraveling from its pretty lies.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

Uglies, is just the beginning to this futuristic dystopia world, and I can’t wait to read more about it in the next sequels, Pretties and Specials.


5 thoughts on “Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (Book Review)

  1. HOLLY says:

    Uglies has been on my TBR list for a while (I love Scott Westerfeld’s writing) but I had heard some mixed reviews of it in the past, so I’ve been putting it off. But this review makes me want to read it soon!

    • kharthi505 says:

      Yes, at first so did I, but I pushed through and I’m really glad I did ‘cus I enjoyed this book so much 🙂 I’m really glad my review had helped you change your mind! ^^

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